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The growth of online courses and certifications has been tremendous. Not only private educational institutions but also government institutions are online to provide digital education for everyone. Today, you can find various courses and certifications online on paid and free options of government and government supported platforms such as NPTEL, AICTE, CEC, NCERT, SWAYAM, etc. courses with certificates equip you with the latest and most popular skills. These free online regulatory certifications are typically provided by IITs and other leading institutes.

Advanced Business Strategy

This one is offered by Indian Institute of Management Bangalorevia Swayam and is among the best free government courses with certificates. The course teaches the theoretical foundations of corporate strategy, strategic business issues, and conceptual and analytical skills. It is ideal for graduate students, consulting professionals, investment banking professionals, general management professionals and corporate strategists.

Fundamentals and calculations in chemical engineering

This is another one of the best free online government programs with certificate courses, which are offered by Indian Institute of Technology Guwahatia through Swayam. The course is designed for candidates seeking online degree and degree programs in chemical engineering, as well as undergraduate students. In this course, you will learn about the physical properties of material transport, the mechanisms of rate of change of momentum, the concept of dimensional homogeneity and its application, and much more.


Virtual School – Brazil

The Brazilian federal government’s distance education portal, Escola Virtual, offers training in areas such as human resources management, public policy, innovation, finance, statistics and information technology. For those who want to delve into a specific area, the platform offers training programs, which are groupings of courses on related topics. At the end of the class, students can issue a certificate.

Management of Innovation and Information Technology

This one of the Free Online Government Courses with IIM Bangalore Certificates through Swayam is aimed at IT professionals who want to better manage their skills and potential and entrepreneurs who strive to make products more relevant for IT companies to introduce start-ups into their company. In this 6-week course, you will learn all about innovations in the industry and how they are developing. You will learn about Moore’s Law and how to implement it when making decisions about new developments. It also allows you to understand how to organize the software and your projects to develop and categorize them.

Federal Institute of Rondônia ( – Brazil

The website of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rondônia is aimed at those who want to learn to code. Courses such as Introduction to PHP Programming Language, Game Programming, Android Programming and Introduction to Java Language Programming are part of the portal catalog. The institute also offers courses in UX design and entrepreneurship.

During the course it is possible to take notes, participate in discussion forums, repeat the content learned in the last test module and download additional materials. Upon completion of the course, the system issues a certificate to participants.

Analytical Techniques

In this one of the best free government certified courses you will learn about aqueous solutions, acids, bases, buffer systems and pH meters. It allows you to learn centrifugation, gel filtration, ion exchange chromatography, affinity chromatography, gas chromatography, HPLC, protein estimation techniques and much more. Offered by CEC and taught by AIIMS, New DelhiProf. MR Rajeswari, this course has 4 credits.

Duration: 15 weeks

Platform: AICTE

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