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Today we will bring you the best online courses currently available. Check out everything on the subject!.

As we all know, the world is gradually becoming a global village and as such, the debate over what is best between the classroom and online learning is quickly becoming stale. As a form of online learning, courses are offered by schools, institutions, organizations and other companies for a fee or free of charge to individuals.

Basically, taking a free online course will help you increase your knowledge at no cost. However, some free online courses come with printable certificates and qualifications that you can use to enhance your resume or apply for related jobs in your home country or abroad.

How We Choose the Best Online Course Sites

There is no shortage of learning platforms to choose from. Fortunately for you, we’ve curated them to find the ones that will benefit users.

We’ve looked at a lot of factors, and to be honest, no single learning platform is best for everyone. The things to consider start with pricing, and that’s what we look at the plans for. Some platforms even offer free courses. Others charge for the course, and some companies have a monthly subscription. There really is a learning platform for every budget.

Content is another factor. Some platforms focus on a specific area, such as Computer Programming, while others have broader catalogs that rival what any major college has to offer.

Another issue is the quality of the course. Some are more crowdsourced, allowing for the democratization of education. At the other end of the spectrum, we have platforms that partner with the best professors from the best universities to teach content.

Finally, there are the extras on offer such as smartphone apps available. Additionally, there are certifications and diplomas that can be completed to pursue a more formal education.


The platform has a large online catalog with more than 35,000 videos divided into the categories Create, Build and Thrive. There are also workshops that offer a deeper insight into the areas. Getting started with this platform is easy as three tiers are offered and a weeks free trial is available. However, we found the service to be more expensive than some as it only offered an annual plan rather than a monthly one. Another issue was the need for credit card information to access the test, and we found reports of difficulties in canceling this service. Issues aside, we consider this service an attractive option for anyone looking to learn new creative skills, as it offers courses in areas such as illustration, photography and design.


Udemy is notable for its super-large catalog of courses, a ridiculously large number of 155,000 courses focused on business content, taught by over 56,000 instructors. This is driven in part by more than 7,000 enterprise customers. Users will appreciate the course commentary built into the platform, transparency into when the course was last updated, and high-quality trailers to help them assess whether a course is right for their needs. We also looked at the choice of tiers and the longer 30-day money-back guarantee. Some downsides are that some courses have to be purchased individually instead of a monthly subscription, the limited support options that don’t have a direct phone number and email address, and the bugs with the apps, especially when watching offline.

Best online courses: edX

For anyone looking for an online learning platform to pursue a university degree – bachelor’s or master’s – edX is an excellent choice. Instead of having to look at online schools individually, edX gives you access to courses at 160 universities such as Berkeley, Harvard University and Boston University. In addition, this course is taught by university professors who teach over 3,000 courses. Courses are designed to lead to obtaining a certificate, an online university degree, or even applying for a degree at a university. This high level of quality education does not come with a bargain price or a monthly subscription, but these types of degrees can cost thousands, but remember they cost less than attending the same school at home.

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